Best Bike Pedals For Mountain Bike Riders

Recommendation No. 1
MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals, Ultra Strong Colorful CNC Machined 9/16" Cycling Sealed 3 Bearing Pedals(Black 3 Bearings)
  • 1.Smooth:Lubricated sealed bearing platform pedals 3 Bearing
  • 2.Anti-skid pins : Anti-slip cleats design, strong grasps, no longer skid, better for riding or racing
  • 3.Weight & Size: 0.45lb, 4.1in x 3.58in x 1.0in (105mm x 91mm x 26mm) each
  • 4.Good pedals grips:Aluminum ANTI-SKID nails for efficiency pedaling.Easy installation: L for left pedal; R for right pedal.
  • 5.Durable:High Strength Aluminum Alloy possess durable flat pedals fit for mountain bike pedals , road bike pedals, bmx pedals , exercise bike pedals , fixie bike pedals,folding bike pedals
Recommendation No. 2
Puroma Mountain Bike Pedal Nylon Fiber Non-Slip 9/16 Inch Bicycle Platform Flat Pedals for Road Mountain BMX MTB Bike (Black)
  • Wide Platform Pedals: Lightweight Nylon composite body with a concave platform offers an optimal surface area for long ride comfort and pedaling efficiency.
  • Build to last: Fully sealed bearing bicycle pedals keep spindles from water and dust which ensure great durability and performance.
  • Safety first: 12 replaceable hex-head threaded traction pins per side offer more bite for increased grip and control.
  • Easy to install: 4.8*4.1*0.9 inches, L for left pedal, R for right pedal. Standard 9/16” sturdy Chromoly steel axle bearing fits for most bikes.
  • Universally: Suitable for commuting, recreational riding, BMX, cruisers bicycle, kids' bikes, road bicycles, MTB bicycle, mountain bicycles, junior bicycle, city bicycle, etc.
Recommendation No. 3
GPMTER Bike Pedals 9/16 for MTB, Mountain Road Bicycle Flat Pedal, with 16 Anti-Skid Pins -Universal Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Platform Pedal for Travel Cycle-Cross Bikes etc
  • NON-SLIP PEDALS:Ball bearings system optimizing every your platform Pedal stroke,slide smoothly, High-strength aluminum alloy casting Body makes the bike pedals more durable
  • WIDE PEDALS GOOD GRIPS:3.5*3.5*0.78 inches,Dual Sided road mountain bike platform Aluminum ANTI-SKID nails for efficiency pedaling.The platform pedals spindle was completed sealed to prevents water and dust from entering.
  • Considering that a few bikes such as BMX use the 1/2" spindle, some customers may cannot mount the bike pedals because they did not notice the of 9/16" and 1/2". In order to avoid affecting your normal use, pls confirm the size of screw thread in your bike Crank Arm.
  • UNIVERSAL BICYCLE PEDALS:Fit most of adult bikes. For MTB - Old School, Cruiser Bike, Folding Bicycle, Mountain Bike, Road Bike - Racing, Road Bike - Touring, Track Bike, Urban Bike - Fixed Gear
  • Totally assured purchase and a full refund for any dissatisfaction. In case of having any question, please let us know. We will 100% refund and a lifetime warranty! Click the "Add to Cart" right now!

To the casual cyclist, the very thought of picking new bike pedals for your bike is a weird concept. After all, your bicycle comes with them, so why would you need to change them? The truth is, your bike pedals can play a significant role in your cycling success, so it never hurts to look at your options.

There are various pedal types on the market, some of which will meet the mark for your needs and others that won’t. You can gain better efficiency on the road with clipless pedals, but you will find maneuverability is far better with platform pedals. If you opt for clipless pedals, you will need to make sure the shoes you have work with them. What’s more, you need to check whether the pedal set comes with cleats or without.

Whether you want a platform pedal, a clipless one, or even pedal toe clips and straps, you will find there are several options available to suit your requirements. However, given your reliance on pedals to cycle, it’s in your best interests to always choose the best quality option. We’ve included a few of these below.

9. Schwinn Universal Bike Pedals

Believe it or not, with enough use, your bike pedal set on your bicycle can wear out. And, it happens sooner than you think. If your feet begin to slip off, the plastic is wearing down to the join, or you find they are not as comfortable as they once were, it could be time to look at upgrading them. However, it’s essential to opt for a well-known brand of bike pedal such as Schwinn. Therefore, you will always know they will meet the mark for quality.

This pedal set is going to be suitable for all types and styles of bike. They are a half-inch universal pedal, come with 9/16-inch adapters, and are easy to install. What’s more, with the adapters, you’re able to fit them to most bicycle cranks with no problem. Even those do not have a mechanical mind will find these pedals are effortless to put on.

What’s more, they feature robust composite material to ensure they handle all conditions. As a result, you will find they don’t rust or succumb to the elements, even when you leave them outside.

If you’re traveling at night, you will also be impressed with how suitable this bike pedal set is. They feature reflectors with CPSC approval which help to provide better visibility in low light conditions.


  • Universal fit
  • ½-inch pedals
  • 9/16-inch adapters supplied
  • Reflectors for better visibility
  • Rust-free composite materials

8. Agptek Bike Bicycle Pedals for Mountain Cycling Road Bicycles

If you do a bit of mountain biking or BMXing, you are going to find this versatile bike pedal set ticks all the boxes for your needs. Not only do they have the comfort for extended periods when you’re mountain biking, but they also have the grip and durability you require when you’re on the BMX track. In essence, they are a multi-functional pedal that will provide no end of convenience to the user.

However, there is more to these pedals than meets the eye. Because they feature robust and reliable alloy, they are durable to handle all conditions but are also lightweight for better performance. What’s more, you can use them for on-road and off-road bicycles, all the while knowing they have the grip and design to see you through pedaling power.

They feature a non-slip design, are affordable to buy and are an attractive bike pedal set you will have no trouble purchasing for your bike. If you’re in the market for something that won’t cost the earth but will see you through several years of cycling, this is a set of pedals well worth your consideration.


  • Alloy material
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip design
  • Suitable for BMX and mountain biking

7. RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedal

If you pride yourself on your mountain biking skills, then choosing parts for your bike such as bike pedal sets is something into which you have to put a lot of thought. Believe it or not, standard pedals are not always going to be the best option.

This bike pedal set from RaceFace is suitable for both beginners and professionals, changing the way in which you pedal for better performance. They feature nylon composite with a Chromoly steel axle and are ideal for all kinds of mountain bikes. What’s more, the change in material from the previous alloy pedal means they are also far lighter as well.

When you buy these bike pedals, you benefit from eight hex pins which allow for better grip, as well as an easy-to-access axle which is fully sealed and easy to service. What’s more, even though people traditionally prefer alloy pedals for their better grip, this nylon set is on-par for your benefit.


  • Nylon bike pedal set
  • Chromoly steel axle
  • Eight hex pins for traction
  • Lightweight
  • Large platform

6. Shimano Dual Platform Pedals

If you use your bike for many different events and occasions, then you will find this multi-purpose dual platform pedal set from Shimano will meet the mark in more ways than one. It’s affordable, built to last, and will allow you to pedal for miles on end comfortably.

These high-quality pedals also feature a clip or clipless design, depending on your requirements. It has an SPD clip interface on one side of the pedal, with a standard platform on the other side. As a result, you can use the clip side for your biking shoes, and the regular edge for your everyday walking shoes. There’s no end to the benefits this setup can offer.

Even the material component will impress purchasers. The body features aluminum with a barrel finish while coming with clear retention adjusters as well. What’s more, when you buy this bike pedal set from Shimano, you receive a pair of two-bolt cleats. Not every pedal set on the market comes with them so it’s enabling you to get a better deal.


  • Robust aluminum material
  • Clip/clipless design
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Includes two-bolt cleats
  • Lightweight pedals
  • Cleat retention adjuster included

5. Shimano Platform Pedals

If your mountain biking journeys take you for several miles, then you will no doubt require bike pedal sets that offer unparalleled comfort. Otherwise, you may find yourself with sore legs, sore feet, and the unwillingness to get back on the bike for some time. If you’re struggling to find a bike pedal set that caters to those who put in the miles, then it could be time to set your sights on these Shimano platform pedals.

Not only do they cater to those who spend a lot of time on their bike, but they help you to benefit from even better pedaling efficiency as well. And, as you well know, every little bit counts.

They come with pins you can replace, a robust axle to last the distance and they buck the trend even on size as well. They are 3mm wider and 85mm lower than MX30 pedals – a significant improvement. If you have a 9/16-inch crank, these bike pedals are for you.


  • Offer better pedaling efficiency
  • Replaceable pins
  • 3mm wider and 85mm lower than MX30 pedals
  • Suitable for bikes with a 9/16-inch crank
  • Concave platform shape

4. BONMIXC Mountain Bike Pedals

If you’re tired of every bike pedal set you buy being uncomfortable or short-lived, then it might be time to look at these mountain bike pedals from BONMIXC. Even though they are available for a competitive price, they feature a range of convenient options to suit your every bicycle need.

They are suitable for bikes with a 9/16-inch crank, have sealed bearings to stop anything entering the shaft, and are stable and durable as well. As a result, you can rest assured that water, dust, and dirt will not affect their structural integrity.

What’s more, they feature strong and robust aluminum alloy which offers more strength and durability than many other bike pedal sets on the market. And, with artificial grinding, they are also resistant to abrasions for a more attractive look on your bike.

If you’re not yet convinced that this bike pedal set is the one for you, then two final features will seal the deal. These pedals come with removal studs and skid-proof pins, both of which help to provide better grip and prevent skidding during a race.


  • Sealed bearings to reduce dirt and dust
  • Universal 9/16-inch thread
  • Anti-skid nails and studs
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Gold tail cap
  • Versatile use for many bike types

3. EPICORD Mountain Bike High Performance Pedals

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your bicycle, but you don’t want to compromise on quality, then this bike pedal set from EPICORD could be a valid option for you. Even though you pay a small amount of money for them, you receive a bike pedal set that’s built to last and is exceptionally well made.

They feature aluminum alloy with robust steel ball axis and are suitable for a 9/16-inch crank as well. As a result, they are universal for many different bicycles on the market.

What’s more, they are a grippy bike pedal that stops you from slipping off and potentially straining your legs. As anti-slip pedals, they clip onto the clips and, once you grip them, you won’t slip off.

Each pedal has reflectors for safer night riding, while the robust boron steel spindle offers unparalleled support. Even for a small outlay, you do get a lot of bang for your buck with this bike pedal set.


  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Non-slip design
  • Reflective strips for low light conditions
  • Robust boron steel alloy spindle
  • Suitable for 9/16-inch cranks

2. Shimano Road Bike Pedal

If nothing but the best will do when it comes to your mountain bike and competition cycling, then you are going to want to take a closer look at this bike pedal set from Shimano. As some of the best pedals on the market, they will tick all the boxes for comfort, wear, durability and even materials.

They feature a lightweight composite body for better resilience and durability, all the while offering lightweight stainless-steel plating for reduced flex and wear. When you’re pedaling, you also benefit from a stable spindle which features high-quality Chromoly steel for your benefit.

With a broad platform and effective power transfer, this pedal set from Shimano could tick all the boxes for your needs.


  • Lightweight composite body
  • Robust stainless-steel pedal body
  • Reduced flex and wear
  • Chromoly steel spindle
  • Wide platform for better power transfer

1. MKS Sylvan Road Bicycle Pedals

Not every bike pedal set you come across on the market is going to be suitable for your requirements. In fact, even in on-road cycling, you can find the pedals differ from one brand to the next. However, if you’re searching for a robust bike pedal that’s going to last the distance while featuring high-quality materials, then you’ll find that and more with MKS Sylvan road bicycle pedals.

As a bike pedal set that professionals and amateurs use, they are easy to regard as some of the best on the market. As a pair, they weigh 360 grams, while also featuring both a cage and a polished alloy body. This is a winning recipe as they are not as prone to wear and tear as composite body options on the market.

What you will also enjoy is how universal they are. As an aluminum pedal with a 9/16-inch crank, you can use them for one of your bicycles or all of them – they are bound to be suitable for most. They also feature common bearings, while being easy to adjust and a fraction of the cost of more well-known brands.

Users also love the quill which amounts to effortless entry when you’re wearing shoes with cleats. If you’re in the market for affordable yet quality bike pedals, these are a set that’s well worth your inspection.


  • Robust alloy and aluminum construction
  • Lightweight at 360 grams
  • Suitable for 9/16-inch cranks
  • Non-slip design
  • Low-cost alternative to leading brands

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