Best Aviator Sunglasses

Recommendation No. 1
SOJOS Classic Aviator Mirrored Flat Lens Sunglasses Metal Frame with Spring Hinges SJ1030 with Gold Frame/Pink Mirrored Lens
  • UV400 PROTECTION FOR YOUR EYES – SojoS's anti-glare lenses can block 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation. UV400 rated sunglasses are essential to filtering out sunlight reflected glare and protecting your eyes against long term UV damage when you go out.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS – These SojoS vintage aviator sunglasses are made of high-quality metal materials, colorful flash mirrored reflective UV400 lenses, and spring hinges, all the details ensuring you a long time using. These pilot-style sunglasses are suitable for both men and women, and suitable for any climate and weather conditions.
  • PERFECT ALL ROUNDER – These SojoS sunglasses are the perfect choice for outdoor sports and activities such as cycling, driving, shopping, traveling, hiking, and are suitable as a high fashion accessory and daily wear all year round.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSION – Lens Width: 58mm(2.28inches) | Lens Height: 50mm(1.97inches) | Temple Length: 130mm(5.12inches) | Nose Bridge: 15mm(0.59inches).
  • GIFT IDEAS PACKAGE – Sunglasses*1, microfiber pouch*1, microfiber cleaning cloth*1, glasses box*1. It is also a gift packaged ready, making it a wonderful yet practical gift idea for friends and family!
Recommendation No. 2
Livhò Sunglasses for Men Women Aviator Polarized Metal Mirror UV 400 Lens Protection (Black Grey + Blue Green)
  • [POLARIZED UV PROTECTION SUN GLASSES] - Livhò's anti reflective lenses can block 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation, filtering out sunlight reflected glare and protecting your eyes against of UV400 damage.
  • [SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT] - Super light frame material just as lightweight as a cicada! Gentle,floating and smooth tactility on your face! Bringing you the extreme enjoyable stress-free wearing experience while driving, fishing, traveling, shopping, hiking, etc.
  • [DURABLE POLYCARBONATE LENSES] - This is a durable material, which has high impact-resistance and scratch-resistance. Polycarbonate is highly transparent to visible light, restore the most real world for you.
  • [PRODUCT DIMENSION] - Lens Width: 58mm(2.28inches) | Lens Height: 50mm(1.97inches) | Temple Length: 138mm(5.12inches) | Nose Bridge: 18mm(0.71inches).
  • [30 DAYS MONEY BACK, LIFETIME WARRANTY]: 100% risk-free shopping. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.
Recommendation No. 3
J+S Premium Military Style Classic Aviator Sunglasses, Polarized, 100% UV Protection (Large Frame - Silver Frame/Black Lens)
  • POLARIZED LENS – specialized multi layer lens designed to filter and block over 99.96% of glare – J+S Polarized lenses blocks out intense horizontal reflections (glare) by having vertically oriented filter layer embedded in the lens, providing maximum comfort and improved visibility. These lens are are tough, lightweight, scratch resistant, and have high optical clarity (distortion free, clear vision), making them an excellent choice for general outdoor and water sports activities.
  • UV 400 PROTECTION - J+S Vision lenses are 400UV rated, meaning it can block 99%-100% of both UVA and UVB radiation. UV400 rated sunglasses are essential to protecting your eyes against long- term UV damage and keeping your eyes healthy when out and about.
  • HIGH QUALITY FRAME - made with metallic alloy that is ultra light weight yet strong and durable. It comes with spring loaded hinged legs and adjustable silicon nose pads which allows for maximum comfort and flexibility.
  • PERFECT ALL ROUNDER - being Polarized and 400UV protection makes these sunglasses the perfect choice for outdoor sports and activities such as driving, fishing, skiing, travelling, hiking, boating, and is suitable as high fashion accessory and daily wear all year round. It is also gift packaged ready, making it a wonderful yet practical gift idea for friends and family!
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE - All J+S Sunglasses comes with a 1 year warranty on frames and lens as well as a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee when purchased from authorized dealers. So if you are not completely happy with your purchase for whatever reason, let us know and we'll take care of you.

Filling up your sunglasses collection with gusto for the one who absolutely loves sunglasses is imaginable. We know the beating of your heart against your chest upon touching your fingers on the finest of sunglasses, those rattling and clinking that pace up your excitement level is understandable. That is why we have gathered down this amazing guide focusing the trendiest sunglasses, the aviator.

Thinking of Aviator sunglasses brings to mind the modern air force times. It was called Pilot’s glasses and give off a masculine feeling. Aviator is not only iconic but universal. Universal, since it goes with any face, whether oval, heart-shaped, round or any other shape. You can always hit it with the aviator sunglasses.

Ray-ban was the first ever aviators to have come in 1937 with green lenses that boasted of real scientific glare protection. The sunglasses that were worn during the World War soon became an essential for every sportsmen and fisherman as it cuts down glare helping to work in broad daylight. Once they made it to the fashion essentials, they have never gone out of style.

They have a distinct, sharp curvilinear shape, the reflective lenses, and a double bridge. The features have evolved, rotated, and revamped yet the sunglasses have always remained iconic. We have also written a complete guide about American optical sunglasses.

Putting on the Aviators

Not every sunglasses go with your personality, therefore buy one which compliments rest of your appearance rather than being a total contrast. Same goes for aviators. They might go with every face shape, but you should pick one that befits your style too.

Aviators will step up your coolness level that is for sure.  The trick is to wear one that highlights your features and earns your flattering personality remarks. They come in various sizes, the ones that are in right proportion to your face are the right ones for you. Comfort level follows. The bridge should not hurt you or be too wide, high or low that you keep on toying with them. A how-to of the Aviator includes that they should entirely cover the eye socket, eyebrows included. In case they don’t, the size is too small for you.

Style with Aviators

The thing with Aviators is that they are not just a fad. The current ones have a larger frame and like always gives off a masculine air. There is a perfect match of aviators for everyone. It comes in various sizes, finishing, frame materials and lenses.

Since you will be exuding a very strong look, you can either keep everything simple or carry it anyway. Whatever suits your style sense. The coloured lenses have created quite a rage and are in demand. So, you can wear them or simple ones as well.

Range of Aviators

Aviators come in a range of styles, each with its own charm and stunning look.

The Classic Teardrop

The Classic teardrop provides maximum protection from sunlight with their shape of a tear. These are totally classy and give that rich look to you to step up your looks. The sunglasses give your face a rather elongated look, people with an oval or longer face would not be very pleased with these.

The Navigators

Navigator has a squared shape, unlike the teardrop ones. The distinct look of these makes you stand out from the rest of the both sunglasses wearing and not wearing crowd! The Navigator suits longer faces.


This one is for the proactive ones. If you are always outdoors or into sports, the sunglasses are made for you. The bottom of the sunglasses is square with the lenses quite wide. The Sunglasses are front-heavy due to the squared shape.

The Materials Used to Make Aviators


The plastic sunglasses are for the ones who are obsessed with being the fashion gurus. There is an amazing line-up of plastic aviators. The plastic frames are thicker than the metal ones and give you a strong, athletic look.


The metal aviators are given a brass or silver finish. Here a thing you might find interesting to know is, back in the days of WWII the aviators were made of original 12k gold. The metal aviators are heavy, but they won’t make you compromise on your groovy look.

Mixed Material

The mixed aviators are a concoction of both metal and plastic. The glasses give both the sporty and classy look, a quality picked up from each of the two materials it is composed of.

The Colour of the Lens

The lens comes in various colours and styles.

The Brown Lens

To get a better vision that lets you catch every detail perfectly brown lens are perfect. These brighten your view and create saturation with colour. You can wear them in less light and the afternoon when the sun is just above the head. The brown lens has a sight-enhancing feature that makes it great for use while driving, fishing, and biking.

Dark Gray

No matter how bright the day is, you won’t squint tiny bit with the dark gray lenses. The only and major drawback of the dark gray lenses are since they are dark you miss on much of the colour detailing of y our surroundings.

Mirrored Lens  

The mirrored lens has the ability to absorb and reflect glare hence these are a must for your safety. They have a cool and intense look both at the same time. The intense look is considered a hitch.

Gradated Lenses

The gradated lenses are a mix of brown and dark gray lenses. The sunglasses start from being dark on the top to occult the sun rays and at the bottom the lenses lighter. This dark and light combination is to protect you as well as give you the details of the outside world.

Green Lens

The original colour of the aviator is green and will not saturate or darken things. The sunglasses are neutral. They are mild and work as a middle ground when blocking light or saturating the colour. Their being middle of the road gives them unique as well as a better option too.

The aviators come for both male and female since both require equal care. Eyes are a precious possession with absolutely no alternative. They need all the care and accessories that can keep them on the safe sides and away from any harms way. So, here we begin our guide of the best aviator glasses for each of them.

1. Ray-Ban Men’s 0RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators are all about being masculine and powerful. It has got that spunky feeling to it. For those of you who are the rough and tough type and like a solid look, Ray-Ban Men’s 0RB3025 will match your desire every bit. The classic aviators are both stylish and snazzy. They come with rounded frames and lenses that are pointed at one end. The frames, although small, won’t break.



Like many of the aviators these have thin frames, so the clumsy ones have to be a bit careful with them. The arms are not strong and can be easily broken or even bent. You have to be careful and gentle to them. Overall, they are perfect and have a metal frame with the tips padded. The guards might catch your hair so the long-haired ones should be extra prepared to deal with these. There is a case included.


Ray-Ban 0RB3025 come in many styles and colours. They are light and have nose pads to protect you from indents. Your comfort is the priority, and these are part of it. The nose pad will remove andy uncomfortable pain and load from your face.


The gradient lens is not very dark and has a UV protection Coating. These are non-polarized and along with protection will not darken your view. The lighter view is better to gather the details of your surroundings and not miss on colours. So that is not a downside. They have perfect colour saturation. The glasses are worth buying as they are both trendy and safe. Just go for a darker colour tone.

2. William Painter – Aviator Sunglasses

Most of the sunglasses you see in the market are flimsy, they fit terribly and break easily and the worst of all, they are marked up to the ridiculously insane price tag. The entire sunglasses market almost 90% is owned by one company and because of that innovation has slowed down, and each eyewear has a fixed price. But that is about to change as William Painter is changing a lot by completely re-engineering the classic styles, using high-grade materials, and most importantly cutting out the middleman. Now you might be wondering that what does all this mean for you? To put it simply, William Painter is giving us a new level of durability, quality, flawless balance, best fit and the best prices allowing you to be yourself.


Aerospace Grade Titanium Arms

Titanium is the strongest metal for its weight, to allow you to live an active life without worrying about dropping or breaking them.

These sunglasses fashioned out from the same materials that are made to build Fighter Jets; it is extremely strong, but also deceptively light.

Rear Weighted Balance

Ever had glasses fallen down your nose? We HATE that! By using titanium and ultra light lenses, we were able to improve the center of balance greatly. This makes it a comfortable fit, helping to ensure the glasses stay planted on your face giving you a striking look.

Among the Most revered Sunglasses

We searched the entire sunglasses world to find the best mix of scratch-resistance, lightweight, and top optical quality. The sunglasses have Japanese nylon lenses which have twice the scratch resistance of glass lenses and the amazing optical vision, which mean’s you’ll be seeing the entire world with HD eyes.

WP lenses are lighter than half of the conventional glass lenses so they don’t slide down your nose when you lean forward.

Protective Hardcase and a Cloth

Most sunglasses don’t break while they’re on your face. Put them in your back pocket and you will see an entirely different view.

Don’t worry there is a solution to that. There is a hard case to protect your sunglasses. That’s as tough as you are. Take it anywhere and your sunglasses will remain safe.

100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee along with Free Returns

If for any reason you feel the sunglasses are not the best you’ve ever experienced, you will be paid for your return shipping and your money back. And if your shades are ever stolen or lost, contact the shop and get a discount to replace them.

3. Ray-Ban Men’s Rb3386 Aviator Sunglasses, Gunmetal, 67 mm

A super cool and classic pair of unisex Ray-Ban sunglasses which always look timelessly trendy, this style features a wire frame with maroon acetate arms displaying the Ray-Ban logo and a dark chrome bridge crossbar feature. The oval shaped lenses are graduated brown and also display the brand logo.

The Unisex Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB3386 features a frame which is black acetate arms with dark chrome bridge cross bar feature and graduated gray lenses. The RB3386 106/13 67 comes with an official Ray-Ban Sunglasses 2-year guarantee.


Being from a known sunglasses family, these sunglasses feature a wrapped frame that offers full coverage and secure fit.

Uses Gunmetal, full rimmed metal frame and comes with grey-green polycarbonate lenses.

Like the Aviator, the Ray-Ban RB3386 004/71 sunglasses sport pilot lenses, but this time with a slightly softer contour to create a feminine appeal.

RB3386 sunglasses are the best eyewear of choice for people who live an active lifestyle. This eyewear is also versatile to flatter all face shapes. Available in a vast variety of frame colors and polarized lens options.

Solid colors, genuine since 1937, the classic G-15 was originally developed for military use, offers a high level of clarity, comfort and protection.

Light conditions: Low light-medium light sunny

Light absorbing

By absorbing 85% of visible light and stopping most of the blue light, green lenses provide remarkable color contrast. G-15 green lenses ensure better clarity of vision and a more “natural vision.”

Polarized lenses

They significantly reduce the brightness of shiny and reflecting surfaces, like chrome, and large bodies of water. Polar lenses cut on reflections and enhance contrast, improving visual clarity and reducing eye strain. The coated lenses sift through only chosen wavelengths and stop the harmful ones from passing through to your eyes.

4. Carrera 1006/s Aviator Sunglasses, Rut Mtblk, 60 mm

The Carrera 1006/S is another addition to the latest Carrera men’s eyewear collections. The 1006/S features adjustable nose pads, the Carrera logo on the left lens and a squared aviator design. The Carrera 1006/S comes with a glasses case, cleaning cloth and guarantee.

The Carrera eyewear brand takes imitates top-notch lifestyle and sport to give you a fantastic range of glasses. The lifestyle range of glasses use vintage ideas but then add the Carrera modern design features to get a totally on-trend glasses range. The Sport range is focused on functionality and athletes but also look amazing, giving you a fantastic choice of glasses options.



The frame is specially designed for men. Sporting clear lines, New School Cool meets traditional quality.


The lenses have a UV400 Protection coating to safeguard you against harmful sun rays. You can remain outdoors without worrying about your eyesight and keep safe from a migraine that results from direct sunlight hitting your eyes. You can meet any social occasion happily.


The sunglasses are made out of quality material to outperform and remain for long. The material is as such it won’t bend or break easily. They can be your lasting companion. So you can be as active and carefree as you prefer. They are sturdy and can withstand pressure.

5. Ralph 4004 101-13 Gold and Cream 4004 Aviator Sunglasses Lens Category 2

Exuding the vintage-inspired glamour of classic aviators, these chic sunglasses are designed with slightly smaller, partially rimless lenses for feminine appeal. Featuring lightweight color-graded lenses that offer 100% UV protection, these sunglasses are crafted with silicone nose pads and a metal nose bar for secure comfort

RALPH by Ralph Lauren RA4004 Sunglasses are an extended and revamped version of classic aviators.



The sunglasses come with a full rim frame made out of metal. The metallic frame is corrosion resistant and stays intact without slipping. There is a Ralph logo on the temples. The hinges come with adjustments to settle the frame according to your size so that they are perfectly perched on your face. The silicone nose pads are soft and comfortable and make things more easy for you. Its like you are not wearing anything and yet you create a lasting impression.


The sunglasses have a UV protection coating that stops light from entering your eyes. The eye muscles are very soft and delicate and can be harmed with continuous strain. That is where the UV coating helps to drown and to filter the harmful rays so that they do not reach you.


The gradient tinted lenses give you optimum protection and the teardrop shape gives maximum coverage to your eyes. It also goes with many face shapes and enhances particularly heart, oval, and square faces.

oval, square faces

Available with gradient tinted lenses

Come in a Ralph Lauren protective carrying case with cleaning cloth

6. Italy made pilot titanium sunglasses w. corning natural glass true-color polarized

The Italian-made BNUS Classic Corning features a screwless nylon frame that ensures next to no maintenance through the years. Their lenses are constructed of extremely tough Gorilla glass, which you can choose to have polarized or not. BNUS is a market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of fashion, sports and performance eyewear with high technical and stylistic quality. The Italian touch will magnigy your looks and make you look super handsome in these polarized sunglasses.



The lenses of the sunglasses have an anti-oil coating. This will make cleaning more easy and a fun job that won’t demand much effort and time. You can wear them whenever you go on your ventures despite the weather, and the coating would protect against dirt, oil, and water that may blur your vision. There is also a reflection reduction coating. This cuts down the reflection inside the lenses so that it is while you drive. The reflection can cause a lot of trouble in seeing, and can also cause blindness. Reducing them is very essential, and that is what the coating does.

Polarizing Film

Stressing up eyes causes migraine attacks and weakening of the eye muscles. To make you comfortable and eliminate any fatiguing factor there is a 0.03 MM Polarizing film too. The glass lens gives a sharp colour contrast of red, yellow, and green colours. The three give maximum visual comfort. The 100 percent UV coating is another added benefitting factor.


The sunglasses are long lasting companions and come with a rubber gasket protection that is smooth and resilient. The sunglasses even though have a titanium frame are light in weight and as compared to other metals more resistant to the atmosphere.

7. Serengeti Aviator Sunglasses Serengeti Aviators

The moment you don a pair of Serengeti sunglasses, you see what others are missing. Brighter colors. Enhanced clarity. Reduced glare. All with less eyestrain. You stop looking at the world and start experiencing it. That experience is what drives us to continually search for new ways to improve our technology. We are always looking for new materials, processes and possibilities. Our dedication to technology and craftsmanship is what makes Serengeti different, and the only way to understand that difference is to try on a pair. When you do, your eyes will be opened to the secrets of superior vision.


Polarization – Control the Light

With a reduced glare, you can enjoy every little detail you missed before. It only lets in preferred light in an organized manner. The lens lets in only the parallel light rays barring the perpendicular light from reaching to you. No reflected light enters your eyes, reflected rays cut into your eyes like a sharp-edged knife. With the glasses on your sight reaches places that you never reached before.


The Serengeti Aviator sunglasses are photochromic; this means they adapt to the light in the surroundings so that the fluctuation of light doesn’t put any strain on your eyes. In the brighter environment, the lenses expand which creates a darker lens and absorbs more light so you can see clearly. Similarly, with diminished light, the molecules come together to allow more light to pass. This mechanism allows for a more unobstructed view. The sunglasses darken and lighten throughout the day to provide you with all the minute details.

A Spectral Control

The spectral control is there to manage the light. The spectral control means the harmful wavelengths that can impair your vision are filtered out. The full spectrum of light is indispensable for the view, and the Serengeti lenses have a mechanism that filters specific wavelengths to sharpen the colour contrast and enhance the vision. It is mainly the shorter blue light that is harmful and the main cause of the glare. Filtering it out is how you get the more natural, high definition views.

8. Oakley Feedback Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

The Oakley Feedback has set the limit beyond the skies. It is a perfect blend of a C-5 wire front that comes with warm tones of the acetate stem. These are ideal for proactives. They give outstanding eye coverage and sit comfortably on your head. You can take them off or wear them with ease with no marks on your head or cuts because of a tight clutch of the glasses. They have a soft silhouette and are light to wear. They have a double nose bridge style.



The Oakley Feedback Polarized Aviator sunglasses are lighter and come with fixed hinges. There is a classic double nose bridge. The frame is designed with an alloy frame

Lightweight frame has fixed hinges and a flattering double nose bridge that comes with accented acetate stems. If you are sweating due to activity, the hydrophilic rubber ear pads will tighten the grip to avoid slippage. The nose pads are adjustable. The sunglasses come with an optimized peripheral vision.

9. Suncloud Optics Aviator Sunglasses

Tell everyone you’re a pilot if that’s what floats your boat and put on the Suncloud Polarized Aviator Sunglasses. These beauties would fool anyone, with their sleek sophistication and high-quality optics. Metal alloy frame and polarized polycarbonate lenses withstand wear and tear, cut glare, and protect against harmful UV rays. Just like a pilot’s. Now you can boast of being one of the ace pilots of your country.



The SUncloud Optics are made of an allow frame. They are bigger so that the tight clasp of the glasses don’t cut on your skin and trouble you, leaving behind marks and indents. The nose pads are made out of silicon to keep the nose safe from marks and pain. The optical grade polycarbonate material is lighter and is impact resistant.


These sunglasses give you optimum vision and colour clarification. You can see with clarity and make out the distinct objects with sharp contrasting colour. There will be no blur patches or a cloudy vision. You can get accurate transmission of the natural colours with the polarized brown lenses.

Lenses and Case

The lens is the vital part of the sunglasses. It is on which your entire vision depends. The 8 base lenses keep your eyes protected from the glare and dust that can harm your delicate eyes. To keep your sunglasses protected there is a hard case included. There won’t be any risk of losing or misplacing your glasses as well as smudging them with dirt.

10. AO Eyewear Original Pilot 55mm Sunglass with Bayonet Temples

These are authentic Pilot Sunglasses. Aviators are pilot sunglasses, and these are a true example of it. The popularity can be measured by the fact these sunglasses are owned by many US military pilots for more than a century! They are designed to withstand the sturdy, tough, and tiring military activities. If not a military man you can at least get the feel of them. The confident, determined look and self-assured air that is important to sport the manly look will come naturally.



The lenses show you view as clear as the windshields does. They have a glass lens that steps up the style and magic level of the sunglasses. The lenses come in various colours that you can choose from. You the world in their perfect and true hues. Since these are made of glass, they are heavy and there is even the danger of them shattering into splinters. This thing makes wearing the glasses dangerous, but then you have to be careful. And the glass lens adds to the masculine factor.

Perfect for Pilots

In the beginning, the polarized aviators came out specifically for sailors and drivers. And with the spread of knowledge, it became apparent that these are essential for anyone who spends a lot of time outside. The shape of this eye-wear matches that of aviators even though these aren’t one. They have a pointed lens and a tear drop shape. Nevertheless, they are safe for pilots to use and are called pilot wear. They are pretty close to functioning as the aviators.

They come in a range of colours and wider arms due to the Bayonet temples. They remain in place instead of falling about.


The glasses come in three different sizes. There have been complaints regarding the size by a few people who find them too small to fit into their heads.  You have an option of the bigger 55mm ones so that you are comfortable and have no complaints later.

1. Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Metal Non-Mirrored Non-Polarized Sunglasses

For all the trendy ladies who are thinking of spending their summer vacations soaking in vitamin D on the beaches and parks, maintaining their appealing look you can totally rock every outfit with the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator. To give greater grip and better look the hinges can be adjusted otherwise you would hate the glasses falling off again and again, being more a bane than a fashion statement. The sunglasses come equipped with every possible kit to help you in protecting the sunglasses as well as your look.



Ray-Ban is already a known brand for rolling out some of the most happening eye wear accessories. The aviator level is notched up with this reinvented tear drop shape sunglasses with a combination of the flash lens. The frame is made of plastic. The arms end up with a soft pad that conforms to your comfort.


The plastic lenses come with 100% UV protection coat which is essential to shield against the harmful sun ray which can penetrate and cause eye problems. It features a double brow bar and the logo at the left corner of the glasses. These are made according to prescription and are non-polarized.


To save you from the bane of buying sunglasses now and then because your previous ones broke frequently, or the glass got too blurry to see anything, there is a smorgasbord of kits. Along with the professional cleaning cloths come mild detergent Eye-glass repair kit. Before you clean the glasses with detergent, rinse them with clean water carefully. Wipe them and make sure there is no dirt left on the surface. Then immerse them in a mild soap solution before cleaning them up again with a cloth. You can also unscrew the hinges to clean the glasses with to the minute detail with the help of the repair kit. Wipe off the glasses and the frame with a clean side of the cloth making sure you leave behind no smudge marks.

2. Michael Kors Hvar Sunglasses MK5007 Rose Gold / Rose Gold Flash 1080/R1 59mm

Get ready to make your sunglasses extra cool with the Michael Kors Hvar Sunglasses that comes in the most feminist and tony look. Whether a working woman or not, your outdoor look is incomplete without these essentials. They go with any outfit you wear, in fact, it compliments your overall appearance so well that you look no less than a celebrity. It comes with a bundle of features.



The Michael Kors have a metal frame. These underscore your graceful look with their delicate frame. However, do not use them roughly. The soft nose pad adds extra comfort and reduces the risk of indents.


The mirrored lens act as a one-way mirror and further cuts the amount of light that passes through the lens. This is to take care of your precious pearls from any pressure and burden that may put a strain on them. Also, the glasses are non-polarized. A little drawback is noted in the tinting. Some people do not find them dark enough to protect but the views are mixed. Tinting is important as a shield for your eyes. But there are mixed opinions. Some people find them to be perfect.

Style within Range

The sunglasses are not too expensive and are affordable. Which means you acquire a stunning look without going bankrupt. There is a case that comes with the sunglasses so that you can keep them inside whenever not in use. The pouch is a simple one but no less in style than the sunglasses they are to carry. You can carry the pouch everywhere and use the glasses when needed without getting them dirty by constantly holding on to them.

3. Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Metal Sunglasses

All you pilot lovers you too can embrace the mesmerizing look of a pilot with the Aviator Metal sunglasses. The sporty look is not reserved for men only, women have an equal share in it and this is what the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviators are about. The classic tear drop shape look adds to the charm.



The frame is a bit fragile, so you have to be a bit careful with the thin frame. For the ones who are always in a rush and can be sloppy, the glasses won’t be a perfect match as they can easily bend or can get marks because of their not so strong metal frame. Nevertheless, if you are obsessed with organizing things you can handle them very well and carry them perfectly.


All the Rapunzels out there might find the nose pads to be annoying as the hair can constantly get stuck in them. You can rip your hair if they stay stuck in there, tie back your hair properly, keeping them away on the sides or you might lose a strand or two while you fight to release them form the hinges. Too many restrictions? But you get that sassy look with the glasses on, it’s worth the little effort.


The aviators come in a range of colour and styles. You can pick your favourite colour and adopt your own style that suits your face as well as your appearance. The sunglasses are not too heavy and are comfortable. The lenses are made of plastic and the aviators are non-polarized. However, they do have a UV coating that is 100% efficient. A good UV coating is more important than one having a worn out and a dysfunctional one, as they can cause extra damage rather than providing an iota of protection. The glasses boast of their safety level and Ray-Ban is known not to compromise on its name.

4. Ray-Ban 0RB3025 Aviator Metal Non-Polarized Sunglasses, Black/Grey Green, 58mm

Ray-Ban’s name is etched among world’s iconic eyewear brand and it continues to bring about these eye essentials in a range of top-hole variations that are always according to the existing trend. It might sometimes be the one to set the trend. This 0RB3025 Aviator Metal is another of its iconic invention that meets the contemporary fashion and guards you against the harmful sunrays.



The metal frame of the sunglasses is thin and delicate. Although, this matches the feminine part of your personality but be careful while you carry them. As they might bend or break. The temple pads are made soft to avoid that itchy, tight feeling that may be painful as well as leave behind horrible marks.


The crystal lens allows a broader vision range. The green coloured lens gives more clarity and striking colour contrast as it absorbs most of the dangerous blue light. Along with safety you get better vision without compromising the chic look you get with the glasses on. These have a tear drop shape and comes with a 100% UV protection coating. You can see the distant objects in daylight as clearly as the near ones with better visibility and without missing the details. The Sunglasses are not polarized yet they are protective of your jewels.


The sunglasses come with a protective casing so that you can carry them. As they can be damaged or affected by the dust or dirt you can keep them inside when not in use. Even the hand marks can ruin the glasses, so you don’t have to worry about holding and spoiling them. You can get cases in various colours. There is a cleaning cloth too that is soft and made for cleaning the glasses only.

5. Kate Spade Women’s Amarissa Aviator Sunglasses

The eye-catching Kate Spade Amarissa Aviator Sunglasses are an extraordinary accessory that have a splash of sleekness and elegance. The style introduced by Kate Spade is timeless and will never go out of fashion. This means you can enjoy an everlasting sassy look. These have a tear drop shape and give you an adventurous look and spirit. Let’s see what features the sunglasses sport.



The sunglasses have a sleek metal frame. They are stylish and delicate yet have a strong look about them. You can wear these on your outdoor forays. The frame suits well with oval, square, and heart-shaped face. The sunglasses come in different sizes and style so that you can choose one that suits you.


The gray gradient lens is made out of plastic. The plastic lenses are break resistant and are light to carry around. If the quality of the plastic is greater, they are better than the glass lenses. The lens has a UV protection coating. The UV protection coating boasts of being 100% effective in protecting your eyes. The tear drop shape covers maximum eye area which means no light gets into your eyes and you are guarded against the light as well as dirt too. You wouldn’t have to squint or clean your eyes out.


Your precious glasses too need care. If they get scratched or the tint gets damaged, it will be you who’s health will be at risk. The lenses get dirty or even hand marks, this may hinder your vision. Therefore, to protect you and your Kate Spade Amarissa Aviator Sunglasses there is a case included with a cleaning cloth. You can use mild detergents to clean the glasses and then wipe them off with the gentle cloth to avoid scratches and dirt marks.

6. Coach Womens Sunglasses (HC7063) Metal

The Coach Sunglasses come with top-notch American design to top up your Sunglasses collection and your panache. You will never find Coach to fall behind the latest trends and they come in unique colours so that you can pick ones that you like. The colour conscious ones won’t be disappointed. So far they have received much appreciation on the gentle way they treat your eyes. You will have plenty of options to choose from. Let’s turn to the features galore.



The high-quality metal frames are slightly thicker and give off a confident look to the wearer. The frame is not too delicate to get bent or broken easily but be careful with your such a wonderful purchase. The brown and golden combination make it a spunky accessory. The glasses would protect you, compliment your attire, and make your stand out from the rest with the confidence it exudes.


The sunglasses sport top-hole plastic lens. The plastic lens outperforms any other lens because of its robust functioning. They are better than the glass ones as they won’t splinter and even though they are strong they are light to wear. The sunglasses are non-polarized but have an efficient UV coating on its surface to block any harmful rays from reaching your delicate eyes.


For something as precious as the eyes which is a blessing one cannot thank enough for. The price is not too high. You can enjoy two benefits with the glasses. A totally rocking look and proper shelter for your eyes from the piercing sun rays that can cost you your eyes. You can even enjoy a discounted price.

7. Kate Spade Women’s Beryls Aviator Sunglasses

Kate Spade has jolted up the accessory world with its top-class products. Kate Spade’s Beryls Aviator is a new one which will match with your every wardrobe pick as well as give you a unique and superb look. The flashy sunglasses sit admirably on your face without slipping giving you a clumsy look. You also have a choice of multiple colours for both the frame and lens. The sunglasses have a warranty even though it is long lasting.



The metal frame is nothing but the epitome of elegance and style. Each colour combination would look stunning on you. The frames sit perfectly on the face covering the eye sockets to give maximum protection to you. The sunglasses are thin and sleek but do not lack a strong frame.


The gradient lenses are remarkable. They give you better colour visualization without letting-up any important detail. The Smokey grey lenses are darker at the top and light at the bottom. If you are driving the gradient lens can be of a lot of help. The top would prevent the sunlight to hit hard on your eyes obstructing vision and the lighter end will make it possible to see the most as you won’t miss any detail.


With a broken or dirty lens, you would only betray yourself out of quality and protection. Therefore, you have a case and a cloth to take care of the thing that takes care of you. There are even colour options for the case.

8. Ralph by Ralph Lauren Women’s RA4004 Aviator Sunglasses, Grey, Grey Horn & Brown Gradient, 59 mm

Ralph Lauren is no small name and has been a long-establish and revered brand. It stands among the trailblazer of the accessory world. These Grey and Brown Aviator Sunglasses are your best style statement. Beat the heat with these extra cool sunglasses that have a sturdy frame with the logo of the brand impressively etched on the arms. Let’s check out what the Aviator’s offer.



The glasses sport a strong metal frame that sits perfectly without falling off your face. It is thin around the edges of the frame, but the arms are thicker comparatively. The temple heads too are not loose or too tight to make it uncomfortable to wear the glasses.


Without a proper and quality lens the sunglasses are not worth using. It is the pith and core of the sunglasses, and that is why Ralph Aviator has a plastic lens that are way better than the glass lens. They are stronger against scratches and breakages and are lighter to wear. With a heavy lens your glasses are prone to falling, again and again, hindering your sight as well as movement. The easy to wear lighter Ralph make your movement easier as well as you will get pleasing comments for sure. Enjoy a free, sassy look with the Ralph sunglasses. The lenses are prepared according to the prescription.

Range of Style

The sunglasses come in a range of colour for you to pick one that matches your preferences. There are a lining cloth and a hard case for you to keep your glasses safe from dirt and dust without disrupting your vision.

9. Marc Jacobs Women’s Marc66s Aviator Sunglasses

Marc Jacobs started off with first sunglasses for men only, but it quickly changed its track to bring out accessories for both men and women. If you have that bold and fearless streak in you, you can further empower yourself by wearing these classic sunglasses. They speak of determination and courage apart from accentuating your features and complimenting your attire. Marc Jacobs has a mammoth of eyewear collection that can make your eyes come out with wonder and admiration.


Metal Frame

Metal is a strong material and using it to fashion sunglasses certainly means the glasses will be hard and tough to break. The black and golden colour combination looks really cool making it easy to single you out because of your modish look. Gold colour already has a unique look about it, it also goes with every colour. The elegant frame adds to your grace.

Protective Casing

There is no chance you will lose or misplace your sunglasses with the elegant casing that comes with the sunglasses. You can keep them in there when not in use. This also keeps the lens clean of dirt and smudge marks that can ruin the image and also make the sunglasses good for nothing. They won’t be effective as the blurry, the vivid image may put stress on the eye while you fight to focus.


There is a misconception that quality lacks where the focus is laid on the appearance. Marc Jacobs has valued both. The Plastic polarized lenses are safe and not only enhance your appearance but also take care of your eyes. Marc Jacobs know the sensitivity of the eyes and doesn’t want you squinting. The UV coated lens take care by keeping the blue light out of our sight.

10. Ralph by Ralph Lauren Women’s 0ra4004 Polarized Aviator Sunglasses, Gold Cream, 59.0 mm

Are you thinking to bask in the sun and top up your vitamin D level? Well in the process do no weaken up your eyes. With Ralph Lauren at your side the risk is lower of ever hurting your eyes. You wouldn’t have to as much as squint a fraction for a second. The aviator style frame is snazzy, and you can wear these whenever you are outside for longer periods. They won’t stop working after a few hours they will remain as effective as you wore them new.



The metal frame comes in gold cream colour and matches every suit you will wear with compromising on your style. It has a single nose bridge and soft nose pads to make you comfortable when you wear them. The sun colour looks super cool during hot summer days. A small framed face will absolutely look stunning with these sunglasses.


The plastic lenses give a cutting-edge performance and the polarized lenses keep your eyes protected. The high technology keeps the UV rays and filters the blue light so that your eyes do not have to put up with strain and pressure. Any pressure on the tiny gems can cause major trouble. Similar protectionis required from the reflective rays and the sunglasses have the ability to let-up the internal reflection of the lens. The reflective rays are as dangerous as those coming from any surface for instance the water body. Eyesight is a very precious and priceless blessing. We have to treat them right.

Hard case

There is a hard case included to safe keep your glasses so that you don’t lose or break them. They are strong but small and cannot withstand very heavy loads. Or imagine sitting on them by mistake. Your mistake will cost you the most amazing sunglasses. That is why you can pick your favourite coloured and keep them safe. There is soft cloth for gentle wiping and cleaning of the sunglasses.

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