American Tourister Luggage AT Pop 3 Piece Spinner Set

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Pros: Constructed of durable 600 denier polyester. Each set contains 21/25/29 spinner with four, multi-directional spinner wheels for easy mobility. Rolls upright so there is no weight on your arm. Padded top and side carry handles provide comfort when lifting a fully packed case. Interiors feature multiple pockets for organization and cases expand for added packing capacity. Front panel pocket for last minute items.
Cons: Material stains easily.

American Tourister has been a travel partner to many people for 8 decades. It’s a brand known for their spacious and durable suitcases. To provide more packing space, American Tourister came up with a set of 3 luggage bags and the named it AT Pop 3 Piece Spinner set. This is a perfect offer for people who pack in bulk as each set comes with 3 luggage bags with different sizes.

This American Tourister Luggage AT Pop Spinner might also be perfect for family travels but don’t want to overspend their budget for a suitcase. With this, you can still enjoy your get-away while keeping your things safe and secured in a travel bag.

American Tourister Luggage AT Pop Spinner For Family Travels

American Tourister Luggage AT Pop 3 Piece Spinner set falls under the soft suitcase category and is comprised of 100% polyester. American Tourister has a dimension of 29″ x 20″ x 20 inches respectively, enough packing space to accommodate all the necessary things during your travel. It also contains multiple pockets interiorly to help you get your stuffs organized from your toiletries, undergarments, travel documents and other stuffs.

Each bag has 4 rotating wheels that work multi directionally. Unlike the usual inline skate wheels, rotating wheels allows efficient mobility without the hush and fuss of misalignment. With this, you can roll your American Tourister Luggage AT Pop Spinner in four ways; sideways, anterior or posterior facing. The spinning wheel also allows you to roll your luggage vertically so your arm doesn’t have to endure the weight; you just have to apply enough force in rolling it and not excessive force to drag the weight. Plus, you can roll your luggage in curbs and bumps with comfort because the 4 multidirectional gyrator wheel tends to bounce and float when pulled.

Improved Design & Durability

American Tourister Luggage AT Pop 3 Piece Spinner is composed of 600 denier polyester, a type of fabric that is known for its resiliency against pressure, weight, hauling force and can even withstand water splatters leaving your personal belongings safe. The team from American Tourister carefully examined and chose the material and is used mostly on their soft suitcases because of its proven durability. The material doesn’t sag when emptied and re-instate back to its original shape.

Its compactible handle is made of steel and the handle is designed with delineation which helps secure hand grip and avoid slipping out. The retractable handle rolls down smoothly and automatically locks in place.

Aside from its retractable handle, American Tourister Luggage AT Pop Spinner has 2 extra carry handles; one is situated at the top and the other one is situated at the side. This provides mobility option when rolling is out of your preference. Each carry handles is padded to avoid discomfort when carrying the bag.

When AT Pop 3 Piece Spinner set’s allotted packing space is not enough, you may unzip its collapsible case extender to provide more garment space.

Extra Valuable Features For American Tourister Luggage AT Pop Spinner

Aside from its interior pockets for efficient organization, AT Pop 3 Piece Spinner set has 1 large exterior pocket and 1 small stash pocket for last minute must have’s. The small stash is also obscured so you can put your most important item inside.

American Tourister Luggage AT Pop Spinner has smooth running and durable zippers. Each zipper has reasonably large heads which improves efficiency in opening/closing each compartment.

Another remarkable detail about American Tourister Luggage AT Pop 3 Piece Spinner set is its being lightweight. Each set weights 31 lbs. and 11 oz.

Verdict: It’s a combination of style, comfort and durability

American Tourister Luggage AT Pop Spinner is a great combination of the qualities you look for in a luggage, making it perfect for family vacations and travels. Its four rotator wheels are perfect for rush travels; you can drag it anywhere without the annoying misalignment. It rolls smoothly and floats when rolled in bumps and concretes. It would also save your hand and arm from muscle constriction because it rolls upright so you don’t carry the weight of the entire luggage. AT Pop 3 Piece Spinner is also premeditatedly designed to suit in to most overhead compartments.

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