American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21

Pros: Fully lined interior with large packing area, expands for added packing capacity and interior has pop of color to match the inside. New, lightweight corrugated shaped pull handle, new panel design and new zipper pulls. Four, multi-directional spinner wheels for easy mobility with new wheels and wheel housings. Top and side carry handles are integrated into the case, color matched hardware for an exciting and fresh look. 100 percent polyester and two large front panel pockets for additional packing capacity.
Cons: Spinner wheels does not work as it should.

Sturdy and Spacious Luggage for your Travels

A traveler’s least concern is worrying about a low quality suitcase that could rupture any second while travelling. The worst thing that could happen is when your luggage tear apart due to low quality materials and the shame of having to pick up your personal belongings one by one in a crowded area. American Tourister wants every traveler to enjoy every second of the journey. As what their tagline says, “Pack with Fun!”

With the American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21, that tagline can sure happen. It is made with 1200 x 900 denier polyester textile, which is known for being resilient due to its compacted binding. And in the aim to produce durable suitcases at an economical budget, American Tourister methodically selected polyester as their main material not only for its robustness but also for its ability to tolerate pressure from excessive contents and other external forces such as luggage mishandling. Despite being made from fabric, Xtreme Spinner 21 does not easily rip apart even when poked with sharp objects.

For Easy Maneuver of the American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21

Unlike the usual suitcase, Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21 has four whirligig wheels which work in multiple directions. The usual two wheeled suitcase often spins into opposite directions which makes its rolling very easy. The only option for two wheeled suitcase is to drag it backwards or to carry it by hand but with American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21, you can drag it in more ways; sideways, backwards or reverse. You don’t have to re-adjust the bag’s position because you can drag it conveniently and its 4 spinner wheels will just follow according to where you are heading. Perfect for rush flights, unplanned vacations and emergency travels. Its wheels and wheel housing are also created from new high end quality materials designed to endure weight, bumps, rough concretes and pressure.

Notable Features

American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21 measures 8 inches high and 14.5 inches wide. A suitcase with a dimension like this, it can astonishingly accommodate everything you need for your vacation. Its interiors are fully lined with a large packing space. Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21 does not shrink once left empty, it regains its normal size and shape.

Its retractable handle is designed with corrugated surface. Thus, the handle won’t slip easily when dragged. It is also fixed steadily to the bag so it doesn’t wobble when rolling. It slides up/down smoothly and locks almost instantly when pulled back or rolled down.

Aside from its retractable handle, Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21 has two other built in carry handles. One is located at the top just in front of the retractable handle and the other one is situated at the side of the bag. These handles are fixed into the case to secure its durability.

American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21 has an expandable packing capacity aside from its regular packing space. You can expand the size of the bag’s packing area by loosening its extenders. It is concealed by a zipper. Aside from its expandable garment space, Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21 has two spacious panel pockets in front to provide additional space for your valuables.  The bag’s interior is dashed by color that matches the insides.

Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21 is lightweight, 7 pounds to be exact, despite its spacious capacity which makes it a perfect travel partner. You don’t have to drag and carry excessive weight with you. Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21 introduced new panel design with a matched up colored hardware for a fresh and renewed look.

Pack everything you need with American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21

American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 21 is highly recommended for travelers who packs more than they need as its dimension of 21″ x 14.5″ x 8.5″ allows more packing space. It is also economical so you don’t have to cut a large portion of your travel budget to get a sturdy and tough wearing luggage. It is also perfect for travellers who are always on the rush. With its four rotating multi directional wheels, you can drag your luggage in any direction without the constant need to reposition it.

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