Athalon® Luggage 34-Inch 15-Pocket Wheeled Duffel Bag Review

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Pros: Constructed of high density polyester uppers and inch can’t be torn inch ballistic nylon bottoms. Lightweight super strong honeycomb frame. Large ball bearing sealed in-line skate wheels. Special lightweight interior frame allows bag to stand or collapse for easy storage. Each bag has fifteen pockets for total organization.
Cons: The material of the actual could be better and sturdier.

A Luggage Brand Known For Its Signature Style And Durability

Since its inception in 1973, the Athalon® Sportgear brand has stood for excellence and dependability in the rapidly evolving sport and travel luggage industry. The company is known for its line of ruggedly fashionable luggage sets and pieces that are ideal not just for sports and travel, but also for just about any other type of activity that requires you to carry a bag or pull along a wheeled suitcase.

Over the last few years, Athalon® has become the luggage brand of choice for countless sports enthusiasts and adventure-seeking travelers. By employing intelligent solutions such as reinforced stitching, durable and tear-resistant construction, and water-repellant materials that are breathable and have drainage capabilities, Athalon® continues to be at the forefront of innovation and design excellence.

More Packing Space with Athalon Luggage 15-Pocket Wheeled Duffel Bag

One of the Athalon® brand’s most successful forays into the sport and travel luggage business is its highly sought-after 34-Inch, 15-Pocket Wheeled Duffel Bag. Stylish and functional, the Athalon Luggage 15-Pocket Wheeled Duffel Bag has enough room to pack in weeks of fun and adventure for you and your family. As its name states, the 34-Inch Wheeled Duffel features 15 exterior pockets for optimal storage and better organization. They are perfect for storing small things like socks, keys, and other items that you might need quick access to during your trip.

The 34-Inch Wheeled Duffel opens up to cavernous interior that has—you guessed it, more pockets. It has a snap-up gate that holds the contents of the main compartment in place, shoe pockets that hold two pairs of shoes, zippered interior pockets, and a top lid pocket for those last-minute items. If you still need room for a few more knick-knacks, the snap-up gate and the top lid have multiple mesh pockets for your convenience.

The exterior of the bag features four spacious zipper pockets that are great for keeping small items that you might want to be able to get to quickly, without having to open the main compartment. With its smart design and spacious interior, the Athalon Luggage 15-Pocket Wheeled Duffel Bag can take on even the most consistent of over-packers.

Rolling In Style With Convenience And Durability

Now just because the 34-Inch Wheeled Duffel is most likely the largest luggage piece that you will ever have doesn’t mean that it also has to be the heaviest, nor the most difficult to move around with. The bag is fitted with a pair of large ball-bearing sealed inline skate wheels, as well as a hideaway telescoping pull-out handle that makes moving such a massive luggage piece around so easy that you can do it with one hand. The bag also has a reinforced bottom—or back, if viewed upright—with protective runners that give Athalon Luggage 15-Pocket Wheeled Duffel Bag superb stability.

The bag itself is made from a combination of rugged, high-density polyester and tear-resistant nylon. Adding to its structural integrity is a strong, lightweight honeycomb frame, which works in conjunction with a special interior pop-up frame that allows the bag to stand firmly in full operational structure, or collapse for easy storage when you’re not planning to go on a trip any time soon.

Should you ever need to lift the 34-Inch Wheeled Duffel, like when you’re putting it in the trunk of your car just before driving to the airport, or when you’re taking it off the baggage conveyor belt upon arrival, the bag is fitted with top and side handles for better comfort and easier handling. The two duffel handles over the main compartment zipper can be joined together via hook-and-loop clasp to make the bag easier to carry.

Room For One More Useful Feature of Athalon Luggage 15-Pocket Wheeled Duffel Bag

On top of the 15 convenient pockets available at your disposal, Athalon® threw in another useful freebie with the 34-Inch Wheeled Duffel. Inside the bag is a detachable, see-through PVC pouch that is great for keeping toiletries like soaps and toothbrushes away from your clothes. It’s a nice addition to your luggage especially if you need a wet bag that won’t leak shampoo or shaving cream out onto your favorite Hawaiian shirt.

Great Luggage Piece With Even Better Value For Money

The Athalon Luggage 15-Pocket Wheeled Duffel Bag retails for around $100 on the sport and travel luggage market today. Between its massive interior, a wealth of storage options, and its maneuverability, the 34-Inch Wheeled Duffel is definitely worth more than what you’re actually paying for.

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